People Analytics Tech 2023

The landscape is changing rapidly.

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People analytics has served as a crucial tool for leaders to navigate the uncertainty and rapidly changing business landscape. 

Given its essential role, it's no surprise that our research shows that the vendors in this space are thriving. 

Also, our study resulted in 6 key findings to help explain the current state of the PAT market:

  • First, the PAT market continues to grow.
  • Second, acquisitions and investments slowed in 2022.
  • Third, growth expectations for 2023 are lower than in 2022.
  • Fourth, there is a shift to smaller target customers.
  • Fifth, urgent customer needs are being addressed.
  • Sixth, customers receive support, but services cost more.

Our summary provides a valuable overview of our findings from the PAT 2023 report. 

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Join us for this special end-of-season webinar with hosts Dani Johnson, Stacia Garr, and Chris Pirie, along with special guest Ali Fuller GM, Employee Experience of Workday, where we’ll recap the season’s best moments and unpack our biggest learnings together.

Some of the key questions to be discussed by the panel include:

  • Are we in the midst of an employee experience evolution or revolution? 
  • How should leaders be thinking about creating employee experiences that are meaningful for employees?
  • As employee experience only about “moments that matter,” or is it more complex than that?  
  • What’s the role of data, technology, and systems in employee experience?