Learning Analytics Roundtable

Tuesday, March 14, 12:00 PM ET


We invite you to a roundtable discussion to help us answer: 

“In what new ways are today’s L&D leaders leveraging learning analytics to have impact on organizational goals?” 

Join us for an interactive, participatory discussion on this question. We'll gather a group of people leaders to connect, dive deep, and share ideas. 

L&D leaders have been trying to connect learning strategy with business impact for decades now. However, many L&D leaders see the function as just a cost-center that needs to justify it’s worth. As a result, they only get as far as reporting on metrics that focus on “outputs” like completion rates, attendance, or satisfaction levels, rather than “outcomes” like organizational goals.  

However, the tight labor market, growing learning demand, and the elevated status of L&D teams means the approach to learning analytics needs a drastic overhaul. L&D leaders need to leverage learning analytics to bring data-backed insights that enable employee development, inform decisions, and guide investments.  



Join us for this special end-of-season webinar with hosts Dani Johnson, Stacia Garr, and Chris Pirie, along with special guest Ali Fuller GM, Employee Experience of Workday, where we’ll recap the season’s best moments and unpack our biggest learnings together.

Some of the key questions to be discussed by the panel include:

  • Are we in the midst of an employee experience evolution or revolution? 
  • How should leaders be thinking about creating employee experiences that are meaningful for employees?
  • As employee experience only about “moments that matter,” or is it more complex than that?  
  • What’s the role of data, technology, and systems in employee experience?